Musical fireworks in the Lake District, a perfect fusion! This display would start from £1000

More fireworks at West Tower, fabulous quiet fireworks at at mere £750.

Many thanks to our great friends at West Tower for letting us fire this display.  The bride and groom picked the music and let us run wild with it.  Due to the venue's location, it has to be a quiet display but gives an excellent idea as to what we can do.  This display would cost about £1000 depending on music, length and complexity.  It's not a pyro-musical, just our fireworks to music package.

A little foggy at Abbey House but the bride and groom loved it! Yours for £850.

Another quiet display at Abbey House featuring our celebratory salute at the end.  £850 for the base display with £100 for the hip hip hurray at the end!

Another display fired at the glorious West Tower, this display would be £750 in 2019 outside of the Bonfire Night / New Year's Eve season. 

We loved doing this display in Southport!  Took a little creativity to overcome the wind but just shows that we really can do amazing things in tricky situations! Fired to music £700

Tilstone House demo video flexing our creativity and ready to do amazing things for your wedding.  Wonderful venue!

Quiet musical display to What a Wonderful World:


Quiet musical display to Rule The World

Musical display to Everything

Our new £550 display which lasts upto 5 minutes.  Fantastic value and effects are included!

Wedding Fireworks Warrington Videos

A wedding display fired at 10pm on the longest day of the year. Just look at the colours, amazing seeing as it wasn't dark.  This display has tight safety distances so we can't use the really big shells but we think it worked out really well.  RRP £999


Our anual display at Bent's Garden Centre.  Again, we don't have the space for the big shells but we did manage to combine some glorious effects and a lot of green!  RRP £2000

A musical display provided for a 40th birthday recently.  Definately a bespoke package, this display would be approximately £2500

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