Big Wedding Fireworks Warrington is a family run company dedicated to making your wedding dreams come true. With over 30 years experience of providing firework displays, we know just what's needed to fill your day with aerial wonder.

Can I have my wedding fireworks set to music?
Yes, that’s what we specialise in.  You pick the music and leave the choreography and magic to us!

Do I need any special permissions to hold a fireworks display at my wedding?
No, there are no restrictions other than any imposed by the venue and they must be finished by 11pm except on special nights of the year.  Bonfire night, NYE etc.

What level of insurance cover do you hold?
£10 million as standard.

Do I need to notify the police or local authorites for my wedding fireworks display?
No. We deal with this on your behalf.

How much do they cost?
Our wedding fireworks displays start from £550

What about the weather?
Unless it's very windy or apocalyptic rain / snow / hail, we can fire in almost any weather, rain or shine.  In 30 years, we've never cancelled a display due to the weather.  Our lead firer will make the decision on the night if there is any question about safety due to weather.

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