Warrington Wedding Fireworks Displays - planning your display

So what do we do?


In short, everything.  We can meet you at your venue (optional) to discuss firing layouts, colours, duration, volume, music, photos/video etc.  We'll conduct a full site survey for venues that we haven't fired at before and prepare all required risk assessments / site plans / firing lists etc.  We'll liase with the police, fire brigade, venue and local airports/costguards as required.  We'll organise all insurance, permits and paperwork.


All you need to do is meet with us, describe what you fancy and watch us craft it in the sky.  Just lead your guests out once it goes dark and they'll be talking about youir fabulous display for years.  


As prefered partners to many different venues, we know the importance of doing all that we can to suit our hosts.  Be that extensive clean ups, quiet displays, daytime fireworks or complicated launch areas, we have the experiance, the fireworks and the technology to fire just about anywhere. 

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